• I often get nasty irritating sweat rashes and carpet burns from the mats in my jujitsu gym, a friend had told about a product called Dragon's Blood it has made such a difference to my training and performance. I apply it to the effected areas, let it dry into my skin and I’m good to go! It forms a membrane like second skin over my burns and rashes leaving me to concentrate on getting my blue belt!
  • I applied Dragon’s Blood to my horses cut on his lower hind leg after he had a bad fall. I was amazed with the results not only did the resin seal and secure the wound, it disappeared within a week. Highly recommended for any equestrian men or woman out there.
    James, (Racehorse Breeder)
  • Glad to see other people putting Dragon’s Blood into their shakes and smoothies, I find it a great boost to my immune system especially in the cold winter mornings!
  • Excellent for incest’s or mosquito bites, eliminates itching and irritation and removes any unsightly rashes or inflammation. Great addition to your toiletry bag when traveling!
  • I applied Dragon’s Blood to my stretch marks after my first pregnancy. I was astonished with the results the blueness of the stretch marks dissipated within a week to 10 days of usage.
  • Dragon's Blood has helped curb my bloating and constipation and cramping, I find it sooths my stomach and has as a very calming effect over me.
    John, (IBS Sufferer)
  • I took a spill on my bike and shredded my knees and shins, I put some dragon’s blood on my wrist and foamed it all up with my finger. I pasted it onto the affected areas I then got a hair dryer and held it over the covered areas to enhance the time it takes to soak in. No pain, no mess, no fuss!
    Jim Swan
  • Dragon's Blood is one of the few products I have found that fights against pretty much every ailment, injury or illness your likely to come up against. I began using it on an inflamed muscle in my knee and the effects were evident over night. I use it on open grazes, bruising, muscle pain and have included it as part of my diet to boost my immune sytsem and keep me training hard through the winter months
    Niall O Loughlin
  • This is probably the most powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungus natural medicine in the world. Can be used as mouth wash or the get rid of stomach infections that translates in gastritis, acidity, ulcers etc. You will not believe it but applied over psoriasis scales and other ailments and eliminates itching and scales.
    Corrin McCarthy
  • We use this product for stomach and mouth ulcers and are very happy with the results.  
    Sinead Kavanagh
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