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how to create EDITABLE EMPTY PAGE..

Tap on buton to select template you want to use,on bottom.

Log in and:

  3. rename -  "pageempty.html"  to your name of your page
  4. CONFIRM with the hook

sample: "pageempty.html" renamed to "galleryjohn.html" , now the your new page is  - https://eurocoons.com/galleryjohn.html

The page has been duplicated. You are now redirected to the duplicated page! automaticly is opened the new page , and you can now edit it , insert text ,photo. and....
with the pencil - edit page

To edit - Update created page or editable areas.

Tap to EDIT buton
Log in
select in menu page you want to edit
Tap on pencil button top-right

If you need more editable templates or editable areas on page ,please let me know.

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